“I’ve worked with personal trainers in the past and I have never had an experience like what I go through working with Sandy. Sandy’s positive attitude and passion for physical discipline is nothing short of infectious. It’s just the kind of support you’re hoping for once you make that commitment to improve your health and lifestyle. The knowledge and guidance she has shared with me will have a direct impact on how I manage my health and fitness for the rest of my life.”

Adam B., Fairfield, CA

“I am an avid cyclist and was frustrated with lower back pain that would kick in each and every ride, especially during extended rides. Through Sandy’s weekly one on one sessions, coaching and a daily Pilates routine, I strengthened my core muscles and I am now able to ride pain free and stronger than ever.”

Ed T., Berkeley, CA

“About a year ago, Sandy created an all-around exercise routine for me that’s made me feel stronger and has significantly reduced the many backaches I used to get from work and stress. She’s thoughtful and conscientious, plus she makes it all fun!”

Dahlia A., Berkeley, CA

“As a mom in my early 40s, I weighed as much as when I was pregnant!  Sandy was both drill sergeant and encouraging coach.  I lost inches and gained confidence. She allowed me to focus on myself and improve my health.  It’s never too late to become an athlete!”

Terry M., El Cerrito, CA 

“I am not someone who has ever enjoyed exercise, but I have come to look forward to my sessions with Sandy as a treat.  She is such an encouraging instructor, and she gives cues that help me visualize proper movement when I practice on my own.  In just a few months, my strength and flexibility have improved dramatically.  I feel tall, graceful, and healthy.  Thanks, Sandy!”

Dorothy B., Albany, CA