“I started working with Sandy after I started feeling back and hip pain. She patiently helped me release the tension in my core. Once my body started to relax, we started building strength in the core and back. Now my back and hip pain are gone. Thank you Sandy. You are the best!”

Dan L., Albany, CA

“Sandy is a terrific Pilates instructor. She is extremely attuned to muscle tightness and helped me put together a plan to release a psoas muscle that was leading to hip and low back difficulties. She also provided me with a good stretching and strengthening workout. On top of that, she is absolutely lovely. I highly recommend her.”

Laurie C, Berkeley, CA

“I have taken many Pilates classes, and studied with several different personal instructors, but Sandy’s expert guidance and support gave me the home program I needed to maintain my fitness for dance and a variety of sports. I’m very active, athletic and interested in being as fit as possible. I’m a yoga teacher as well, and I found her knowledge of the body and muscle systems to be very complete. She also attends ongoing education courses which make her information up-to-date and in touch with the latest thinking on a variety of different issues to address symptoms, pain, and healing of sports and repetitive injuries. If you are thinking of working one on one with a Pilates instructor, Sandy is great!”

Elizabeth H., El Cerrito, CA 

“I went to Sandy after an episode of lower back spasms that left me immobile. Sandy worked with me to release locked muscle groups, strengthen my core to support my back, and make adjustments to movement habits that might make the problem worse. Throughout our sessions I appreciated Sandy’s calm manner, compassion, and creativity in finding strategies best suited to me. My progress has been remarkable. Best of all, Sandy’s clear explanations have helped me understand the purpose of each exercise and how this new routine will benefit my longterm health and wellness. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

Dorothy B., Albany, CA